Applications are invited from Acting / Modeling / Fashion / Media Institutes from all over India & aboard to become our “Authorized Associate” at zero cost. In other words, you do not have to pay any money to us for encashing this golden opportunity.

The strength of the brand, the national as well as international presence and the outstanding image of – all these offer your Institute / Academy / College an environment to progress tremendously.

About Us

We are one of the well established India's First FREE Job Portal for Entertainment, Media & Glamour Industry. Over the past several years, has grown rapidly and evolved to serve you better.

We proudly boast of a 450000+ database including 4000+ Production Houses/Casting Agencies and 12000+ Jobs/Auditions. Since August 2008 about 4000+ Actors/Talents have been successful in getting assignments in various sectors and have been benefited by the platform provided by us.

“” is currently No. 1 in its field. With our established brand name we now propose to go for authorized associates’ arrangement with the interested Acting / Modeling / Fashion / Media Institutes.

Compensation to the company - Rs.0.00 (It's absolutely Free!)

    Basic Requirements:
  • Acting / Modeling / Fashion / Media Institute running for at least two years.
  • At least 100 students currently enrolled
  • Expertise in the field
  • Ample Parking Space
  • You do not have to pay us even a single rupee but have to give us a Bank Guarantee of Rs. 100000/- (Rs. One Lakh only)/ US $ 2000.00 (US Dollar Two Thousands only) to prove your seriousness in the project.
  • You have to put up a sign board (not less than 10x4 feet) at your Studio mentioning yourself as an authorized associates of at your cost.
  • You have to sign an agreement as mutually agreed upon.
    Benefits for Acting / Modeling / Fashion / Media Institutes:
  1. Advantage of goodwill of our brand
  2. Free Membership to the students on your recommendations
  3. No limit to the recommendations
  4. Free Online promotion of your students
  5. Free Online promotion of your Institute / Academy / College
  6. Free Career Guidance to the students
  7. Free Regular Job/Audition alerts to the students
  8. Expand your business horizons
  9. Free readymade technology and operating system thereby saving on the need to develop one's own technology, systems and procedures.
  10. Increase your revenues
  11. Free research and development support of our organisation
  12. Reduced cost of business due to economy of scales
  13. Free support to grow your business
  14. Authorized to sell our products/services (Optional - Selling our products /services is not mandatory)
  15. Commission = 15% {Revenues per month are more than Rs. 24999/- & less than Rs. 100001/-}
  16. Commission = 20% {Revenues per month are more than Rs. 100001/- & less than Rs. 200001/-}
  17. Commission = 25% {Revenues per month are more than Rs. 200001/- & less than Rs. 400001/-}
  18. Commission = 30% {Revenues per month are more than Rs. 400001/- & above}
  19. Free training to your staff (Optional)
  20. Free listing in our panel of authorized associates along with profile & contact details.
  21. Branding & Publicity
  1. Entire investment towards construction of Institute / Academy / College, building, Interiors, Air Conditioning, Furniture & Fixtures, Gadgets/Equipments, etc. in accordance with the specification of the business.
  2. Running/operation of Institute as per the directions/ specification provided by us.
  3. High standard of housekeeping services including cleaning materials, anti pest operations etc. Also keep premises clean including toilet etc.
  4. Shall observe and comply with all the rules and regulations of the Institute and establishment Act, Entertainment Act and provisions of the other laws including the rules and regulations of local authorities in force or which may come in force from time to time
  5. Shall be responsible to obtain and keep in force and pay at his cost for all necessary licences from the state required for the purpose of running the business.
  6. The manpower/management personnel provided shall be on associates’s roll and he shall be responsible for payment of salaries to employees and shall be liable for the implementation of all labour laws and social legislation existing as on date or enacted from time to time such as EPF, ESI Act, workmens compensation Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Industrial Dispute Act, Minimum wages act etc. Also company has no relationship of employer employee either direct or indirect.
  7. Shall provide uniform for staff as per our specification.
  8. Shall personally be liable for the quality of portfolios/ shoots and the associates is personally be liable for civil and criminal action under prevention of Act, if any.
  9. The associates shall be responsible for operational expenses for running the Institute /business, staffing etc.
  10. Shall keep adequate staff as required for running the Institute /business and will bear all the expenses towards wages and remuneration, uniform etc.
  11. Shall be responsible for collection and timely deposit of cheques/drafts in company account.
  12. associates is not authorized to collect cash on behalf of the company in any circumstances.
  13. Shall maintain books of Accounts as per the requirements of Service Tax/Sales Tax/Income tax and other Government bodies.
  14. The associates shall provide bank Guarantee for Rs. 1 Lakh at the time of signing the agreement.
  1. The duration of Agreement is initially for a period of 1 year renewable for further period on mutually agreed terms.
  2. The name of the Institute ‘Authorized Associate of’ is exclusive Property of the company, and the associates has no Lien on it. On Expiry of/ termination of the agreement the associates cannot use the name ‘Authorized Associate of’’ or any other name identical for a further period of 7 years.
  3. The associates or his associates is restricted to open on his own any other similar outlets in the same city or other cities in any part of India.
  4. The Company is not obliged/bound to give any more Franchise outlets to Associate within the same city or outside.
  5. The rates are decided by the Company for its product and services. Associate cannot increase or decrease the rates on his own.
  6. The Company shall be at liberty to check books of Accounts maintained by the Associate, and it is obligatory on part of the Associate to provide books of Accounts as and when demanded by the Company or his authorised associates.
  7. The Company or his authorised associates is at liberty to check the quality of portfolios/shoots, shot by the Associate and may point out the deficiency found, if any to the Associate for corrective measure.
  8. The Associate on his own cannot represent the Company in the manner whatsoever with any Film Makers, Production House, Government Bodies, Public institutions, Corporations for the business promotion etc.
  9. Any amendment to agreement has to be by the written consent of both the parties
  10. Any disputes/or differences arising between the parties in respect of agreement, the same shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Act 1940 as amended time to time.
  11. The Company is at liberty to terminate the agreement if he finds any violation of the Clauses by the Associate by issuing a week’s termination notice.

Site Visit

If the Institute / Academy / College is satisfied with the above terms & conditions and desires to become an authorized associate of, then he shall arrange for the site visit of company officials or their authorised associatess for final approval of the site.

Institute / Academy / College has to arrange accommodation/travelling/Incidental Expenses for the site visit from Delhi. It is optional on part of company either to approve or disapprove the site depending upon the requirements of the business. In case the site is disapproved for any reason the site visit expenses born by Institute / Academy / College are not refundable.

If you meet our specifications mentioned above, and interested in becoming our authorized associates, please download the application and send it to us after filling in the complete details.

To download the application Click Here

Answering all the questions is mandatory. Please complete the application on the computer then print and sign.

This Exclusive Offer valid only for the first 100 entries on first come first serve basis.

Hand written and incomplete applications will be rejected.

After receiving your mail, the detailed plan as how to become an authorized associates of will be explained to you. Through which a minimum income of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) to Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs only) per month can be generated easily working on the models provided through us. The income varies with location & demographics of the city.

We warmly welcome you to BollywoodHunts as potential partner to expand your business horizons. It is evident that whenever people have come together to achieve a single goal, history has been created. Together, we can and we will create a history.

In case you are interested in our proposal, we request you to contact us on the below given details.

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